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Dia tidak tahu bagaimana gambar itu boleh berada di sana. Cerita ini atau lebih bagus di sebut sebagai PORNO mengisahkan tentang Jung Yunho, seorang lelaki yang sudah berkahwin yang bercinta dengan pengasuh muda anaknya. M - Indonesian - Romance - Chapters: Jaejoong and Yunho being arrangging married by their parents, they didn't love each other, but they didn't hate each other too.

All they did after being married with each other were fighting and yelling. Jaejoong like to tease his husband sexually while Yunho seemed to desire to have a taste of his wife hot and sexy body.

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Jung Yunho is the regular customer at Jaejoong Cafe Shop. He always go there to drink Jaejoong coffee or just to see the Owner of the Cafe Shop. Sergeant Kim being told to clean Colonel Jung office room. He supposed to be tidying the room not masturbating with the thought of the handsome Colonel Jung while smelling Colonel Jung Uniform top that being hang on the chair.

Right after he release his orgasm, Colonel Jung return to his office room and witnessed the fucking hot scene! M - English - Romance - Chapters: What happened behind the stage inside the changing room of Yunho? Fucking The Babysitter reviews [REPOST] Yunho didn't know how his young babysitter that he and his wife hired to babysit their daughter pictures can be inside his computer. Jaejoong keep his promise to his daddy Yunho and stop smoking.

Thinking that his step-son going to behave now,but he was wrong. His baby really need to be punish hard. He smoke his step dad cigarettes in the living room, at his step dad house. The human twin is about to be raped and the river twin saves her and kills the rapist. In the end the river creature is able, with the help of her twin, to go to the Gulf and swim to the ocean where she belongs. It is written over a number of books. I think around 4. All I know is that I'm looking for a book I read as a kid, it was where some boy got turned into a pie.

I need to know what this was so I can prove someone wrong. I dont remember anything about it cos I never finished it but it was about a boy who was meant to be a hero or something and dreamed about boy tied up in a tree and he had blue eyes or blue hair I really don't know I would love to finish it. Also i think it was a brown cover and it wasn't a YA novel it looked like a kids book.

There are about 2 to 3 stories in this one book. It's setting is Christmas.

The first story was about 3 sister's that are witches and a guy who is a police man who investigates them but ends up falling for one of them. The other story was about a guy who lost his wife in a fire the wife was a drug addict and smokes they had 2 Children and he fell in love with their nanny or maid the guy got burns all over his body so he went to an island with his friends he was a part of a band and he left his children with their maid until the children almost died so they went to the island to be with their father and thats when the guy and the maid?

But then they discover one of his friend was behind the fire and the children's little accidents because he didn't want the guy to leave the band. Do you guys know this book title and author? A little girl, around 9 or Extremely smart, her father is a scientist.

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He connects her mind to his computer somehow, they can communicate with their thoughts. He goes missing or dies. A stranger comes and wants her father's work, not knowing she was part of it. I think the computer was called S. Around the 80's sometime. A friend of my sister had it and loaned it to us. I think it was supposed to be part of a series but never heard of it again.


A book about a boy who goes to a resort with his father and the boy meets a girl at the resort who has wounds that only get worse as time progresses. They fall for each other and the boy starts to get her same exact wounds. The girl is stuck in a time loop and she was killed toward the end of the year I believe and the boy tries to keep the cycle from continuing by stopping her killer. This is a kids book about a little brother who goes missing.

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The family is looking for him and according to a witch whom the older sister is employed by the brother traveled over a bridge guarded by a troll that appears every once in a while. One other thing I remember is that the little brother had a pet worm that he kept in his pocket. As well as the older sister used the money she got from work to buy some candy for her little brothers and sisters.

Then the witch put a magical spell on them where they all became lined with little candy wrappers and tasted all different and amazing. She shared them with her siblings and her two little sisters would not share them with her little brother so her little brother stole the candies and ran away. Please let me know the name!! I need help on a book title I have very limited plot story.

I know the series of book was based on a girl and her family but follows the girl growing up.

The book front page has the outline in silhouette of family linage and each book in series shows them getting older and added to family as events occur. The setting I think is civil war and they live in south but the have slaves but treat them well or pay them. I know there house burns down. In the end the girl grows up and Marrys a northern but her dads best friend! Think there is like 8 books or so in series. Hi, I read a wattpad story.

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She is a medical student and has a dog and is a reckless driver and her her old Vespa and her mate is ruthless. I read a book like 7 years ago and I can never get it out my head. It started off with a new girl at school who used to walk home the same way as this guy and he tried to walk slower to start conversation. They became good friends and then bf and gf their parents were part of the story. There was a shop they used to go too.

He said her eyes were as blue as a pool or an ocean. I'm looking for a book for a friend. It was about a group of boys that escaped from a boys' camp and each one had a specific hat.

These hats symbolized their inner struggle or something like that. A book about a group of boys that ran away from a boy's camp. They each had a specific hat that symbolized their inner struggle or something. HI, I read a book in the early to mids titled, "Wasted". A mother I think wrote this book about her son and his desire to live in communes.

I read a book a few years ago about a teen girl who could draw peoples thoughts. In the book she had alot of problems with drugs and such but had went to rehab and gotten better. I cant remember the name of the book at all. Read a book about a teen girl who can draw peoples thoughts and had trouble with drugs but had recovered when she went to rehab. I cant remember the name for the life of me. I read this book or series a long time ago and I cannot figure out the name of it. I have tried countless google searches with no luck. It's a fiction book about this kid who lives in a super old abandoned town because everyone is moving to the big new city.